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in Chemical&Material Supplier

We focus on genuine innovation to enable our partners around the world to achieve real result

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About Goyoung International 

As specialists in fluoro- and high performance polymers we deal in virgin and reprocessed plastic pellets and powder. We offer an extensive range of top quality plastics to industrial customers in Korea and throughout the world, including all services from the beginning to the end. Customized masterbatches and liquid pigments complete our portfolio.

Our comprehensive knowledge of the products and of this business sector is outstanding. So we see ourselves not just as a distributor but as an efficient and reliable link between producer and user.

Besides just in time deliveries, we take care of customs clearance and warehousing.


Furthermore we purchase your plastic scraps, recycle them and provide the reprocessed pellets, which has almost the same properties as the original material.

Real results

We concentrate on result-oriented contribution to our partners through close engagement and forward-looking solutions.

Global footprint

We have global operations in technical service, sales and marketing, and customer service; as well as manufacturing bases in all the main markets.

Innovative solutions

We understand our markets and applications. Through forward-looking marketing, we propose innovative solutions that meet our partners’needs.

Our people

We are the inspired innovators behind our products, service and brand. We work honestly and seriously with our partners. That is our pleasure and our pride.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Goyoung is a new concept in the supply of raw materials, technical assistance and relevant services which makes it your ideal partner to support develop you project and business in an ever changing marketplace that has innovation at its core.

With our long term experience in the fluoropolymer, semiconductive market and engineering plastice, we are best placed to offer our customers not only a wide range of product but also technical knowledge paired to a complete first class service.



Goyoung's staff are happy to assist your technical and commercial departments by offering expertise together with a wide range of finished and semi-finished materials

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