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Our Product


Automotive fuel tubes, roofing membranes, semiconductor or wires have in common to endure the most extreme operating conditions. From chemical resistance or harsh outdoor exposure, these parts are expected to stand a broad scope of aggression, while ensuring heat stability or good electrical properties.

Super Engineering Plastics

PEEK offers excellent mechanical strength, high chemical and hydrolysis resistance, and high steam and radiation resistance. Its continuous service temperature is around 250º C. Its excellent thermal properties make it suitable for the applications used in very high temperatures, while it keeps its physical properties from being affected by the external environment.

Advanced Materials

a high-performance super fiber that has strength that is five times that of steel as well as fire-retardant properties. Aramid, Carbon Yarn is used for bulletproofing, automobile hoses, belt and tire reinforcement, optical cable and rope reinforcement, civil engineering and construction, and reinforcement of composite materials.


We are supplying various semi-finished products such as tubes, hoses, and fittings to meet the customer's needs. Even if it's not on the website, we find the product you want and support it.

We contribute to
the development your business

The competition of this market is fierce, however, GOYOUNG CO.,LTD. will contribute to the development of Korea's industry by ensuring stable raw materials. At the same time, we will do our best to become a global company that can name even in the global market.

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